What comes to mind when asked, "Is it really illegal to drive barefoot?"

If you're like us and most other Americans, we immediately assumed it was. Some of us chalked up driving barefoot to a lack of common sense. Who would think driving barefoot is a good idea? Especially in Idaho! A state with rugged terrain and button-hook roads with steep inclines and declines! So naturally, some of us shifted to the safety risks posed by driving sans shoes. And then there are those of us who believe a driver is asking for a car accident if they're barefoot behind the wheel.

Photo by Jenny Ueberberg on Unsplash
Photo by Jenny Ueberberg on Unsplash


So what's the deal? Do some states allow barefoot driving while others outlaw it? If driving barefoot is legal, why is it that so many people assume it's not? Intrigued? Curious about Idaho's policies? So were we.

Take a stroll through our gallery of facts + ideas on barefoot driving!

🚨 Can You Get Arrested for Driving Shoeless in Idaho?

🚘BOISE, Idaho. Logic and about 20 years of experience behind the wheel tells us driving sans footwear is a pretty risky, even reckless idea. But does that mean it's illegal?

Scroll on for a quick peek at Idaho's stance on the issue!

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Idaho Has Crazy Neighbors: Weird Laws in California & Utah [gallery]

Scroll on for a gallery of laws in California & Utah that range from the entertaining to the ERMERGERD.

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Bike Laws In Idaho

Drivers vs Cyclists. One of America's greatest rivalries. Two people who seem unable or unwilling to get along and co-exist. To ensure you are the best driver you can be, or the best biker you can be, regardless of where you fall on the issue, it's best that you know the rules of the road. Let's get to them.

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TRUE OR FALSE: Can You Guess Which Idaho Laws Are Real?

Let's see how well you do at guessing which of these silly laws are true and which are false.

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