In a recently released study from Gallup-Healthways, the list of the Top 10 Happiest States is out.  Did Idaho make the list? 


The group based their results on 5 elements of "well-being."  Those include, sense of purpose, social relationships, community, financial security, and physical health.

Here are the Top 10 Happiest States:

1.  Hawaii

2.  Alaska

3.  Montana

4.  Colorado

5.  Wyoming

6.  South Dakota

7.  Minnesota

8.  Utah

9.  Arizona

10.  California

Now, I understand why Hawaii would be there for sure, but I was a bit surprise to see Alaska, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Minnesota (I would think winter there would make them less happy).

I feel like Idaho was cheated.  We have beautiful surroundings, outdoor recreation, great cost of living, friendly people, and great community.   Does this list make any sense to you?