Taking care of a pet is a full time responsibility. Often pet owners refer to their pets as their children or their fur babies because they require just as much love, attention, and care as human family members. Unfortunately not every animal has a home with a family who can love them this way. Thankfully Idaho Humane Society provides shelter and services while working to find them forever homes. If you can't adopt one of these cuties (allergies, financially unable for a long term commitment, inconducive life style), there are still ways you can help them live happy lives until they are adopted.

Financial Donation- Probably the easiest way to support is with a monetary contribution. As a non profit, Idaho Humane Society relies on financial contributions to make sure the shelter runs smoothly and provides the care necessary for its animals. Click here if you're ready to make a donation right now.

Donate Supplies- Here is a list of items always in need at their shelters, which includes kennels, dog/cat food, and pet medications. However, they cannot accept sheets, pillows, mattress pads, or upholstered chairs/couches.

Vehicle Donation- I know this sounds like a weird one, but if you have a car you're getting rid of, consider donating it for the animals instead of selling it to a dealership. The tax deduction is likely higher than the trade in value while simultaneously helping the pets. You can find more information on the benefits of vehicle donation here.

Foster- This is perfect for pet lovers who want to give all the love but don't have the financial means or long term ability to provide a permanent home. The shelter will provide food, blankets, towels, crates and medical care. You provide love, time, attention, and care. All the information you need to start the fostering process can be found here.

Education-  The advocacy for the welfare, responsible care, and protection of animals starts with education. Promoting compassion and humane awareness is the key in making sure they have a chance at a happy, healthy life. Click here to access the learning tools Idaho Humane Society provides.

*Bonus* Aluminum can donations are also accepted! I've got a La Croix and Bud Light can stash ready for drop-off!

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