That's basically what has happened to the cast of Big Brother Germany. They've been cut off from the outside world since February 6th. A lot has happened since then, and they just found out yesterday.

It would be really alarming and probably hard to believe, how serious things have become surrounding this whole virus thing and to see how much the world has changed. At least for most of us, we were able to see a gradual change. It's like at first it was some crazy thing happening on the other side of the world that happened to have the same name as a popular meme, which lent itself to great memes. It really escalated last Wednesday night when the NBA canceled its 2020 season. It seems like this is the moment that people went "oh crap. this is real." And the days that have followed have gotten crazier and crazier.

For the cast of Big Brother Germany, it all came at them at once in a live TV special, and as you'd expect, they were all pretty shocked. Germany has nearly 10,000 active cases and 26 deaths. According to CNN, when these guys went into the Big Brother House, there were a mere 12 cases in the entire country of Germany.

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