We've got our share of stress, but Idaho isn't the most stressed out state.  In fact, we're among the least stressed states.  Here's why.

Wallethub looked at things like average hours worked per week, personal bankruptcy rate, and adequate sleep to determine how stressed we are in the big picture.  So the states that work a lot, have big debt, and stay up all night have the highest stress rankings.

Alabama is #1, followed by Louisiana at #2 and Mississippi at #3.

Idaho is in a section of the county that doesn't have much stress at all.  Or so they say! Doesn't that kinda stress you out thinking about it, wondering if we're so stress free, why we still feel stress?  I'm sure it will be fine, so don't stress.

Idaho ranks #31 for stress.  Montana, Wyoming, and Oregon are right in our neighborhood as fairly stress free, in the 30s.  Colorado ranks #43 for stress, and Utah ranks #47.  The least-stressed state is Minnesota.  Snow doesn't bother them apparently.

Wallethub also looked at affordable housing, credit scores, health, and divorce rates to come up with the results.

Everybody has a little stress now and then, but hopefully you've found a little pocket of awesomeness where you get lots of sleep, stay debt-free, and get spoiled with all the frills of a happy marriage.

If that isn't working, how do you deal with stress?  Chocolate seems to work for some of us.  Or exercise.  Or fishing trips.  Or craft beer happy hours with friends.  Or prayer.  Or yoga.

Idaho may have a little stress, but it's also got plenty of offerings to help us get rid of it.


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