If you're drinkin' on New Year's Eve, you're not drivin' right?

Heads up that there will be extra patrols on the roads watching.  And if you see someone swerving and suspect they might be drunk, here's what you should do.

If you see a suspected drunk driver and you have your cell phone, call *ISP (that's STAR, I-S-P for Idaho State Police) or 1-800-233-1212.  Idaho State Police say on their website your call will be forwarded to the nearest ISP regional communications center.  And then I assume they'll send a trooper right over to check on that swerving car.

Boise Weekly says there were more than 1400 impaired crashes in Idaho in 2013, and more than 90 people were killed in those accidents.  Have a designated driver, call a cab, or crash at a friend's house.  One super fun night is not worth changing your life or someone else's.

Have a very Happy New Year!  We love ya, and want it to get off to a great start.