New Year's Eve

Everything You Need to Know About the Idaho Potato Drop
Not every state drops something at 11:59pm on New Year's Eve, and it's probably because they don't have something as interesting as our potato to throw down. So let's get out there Sunday and appreciate our giant spud! Check out the details here on the Idaho Potato Drop.
See What’s New at the Idaho Potato Drop
The first ever GlowTato will be featured at this weekend's Idaho Potato Drop. Events start Saturday afternoon and lead up to midnight when that giant, high-tech, internally lit, fake glowing spud will descend. And there's a new heated tent too.
Don't Miss Out On The DROP
Ask most people about Idaho and the first thing that comes to mind is what? Yeah, that's right potatoes. Heck yeah potatoes, there is nothing wrong with that. We embrace the taters, we love our spuds, and why wouldn't we. WE love it SOOO much we are making it our focus for our annual New Years celebration. Want to be part of this glowing, starchy tradition? We have your VIP passes right NOW! Read
Idaho Potato Drop Upgrades
Boise's signature New Year's Eve celebration over the last few years has been the Potato Drop, and this year, the festivities will be even more visually impressive.

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