We always hear that kids act crazy when there's a full moon, but it turns out adults are not exempt.

And here's why!

Anytime there's a full moon, we lose 20 minutes of sleep.  A new study says we also have more trouble falling asleep during the full moon phase than we do when there is just a sliver in the sky, or during other moon phases.  We wake up early, we fall asleep late, and the rhythm of sleep is interrupted during a full moon.  One scientist says the brain is more "susceptible to external disturbances" when the moon is full.

This may be why kids tend to misbehave when it's a full moon.  They're tired and distracted!  Some say there's no truth to the wild kid-full moon connection, but parents know it's true.  And now it turns out adults may be a little owly too because of the loss of sleep.

The Farmer's Almanac says the next full moon in Boise is coming up Saturday morning, July 12th, at 5:26am, so prepare to wake up early on Saturday.  Maybe you can find time for a 20 minute power nap to make up the difference.  Or make that a 40 minute nap, since that may be interrupted too.