Since my sister had a baby last year, our relationship changed. It had to...she had a baby! After watching this video, I have a whole new understanding for what her new world is like.

I truly believe God speaks to me through the radio and television. It's sometimes hardest to hear something from the person closest to you (my person is my sister, Kellee). We were literally texting about this yesterday!

I will get a phone call (with the sound of that breast pump as background noise) and then in the middle of my story about my day on the river she has to hang up. But wait, I didn't finish telling you how I jumped off the rock and did a 360 mid air! Texts are no longer returned. They are left to wander all on their own in outer space. It's funny how this never bugged me when my girlfriends had their babies, but with my sister I felt like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. I want my sister time! You can talk to me while you make dinner, entertain Delaney and do a load of laundry. Then God put me in front of the TV this morning and I saw this video on ABC World News Now and I had my lightbulb moment. I get it Kellee! I finally get it! Love you!