Have you ever wanted to know where in Idaho you can go on a Winter Sleigh Ride? You've come to the right place!

Since I work for MIX 106 everyone assumes I know where everything is at. But when a friend asked me where they could take a Winter Sleigh Ride I was stumped. So I had to Google! And the first thing the pops up "IDAHO'S WINTER WONDERLAND". It has everything you can do in the winter in Idaho! Skiing & Snowboard, Cross Country Skiing, Snowmobiling, Back Country Skiing, Yurts (yes even Yurts made it on the list), Hot Springs, Ice Skating, Tubing, Sleigh Rides & even Snowcat Skiing. And if you can believe it it get's even better! It even has all the locations in each city, contact information & even pricing details. I just it the jackpot on winter activities. And it's all at http://www.visitidaho.org/winter/. Now you can enjoy this cold winter season with a little help from Idaho.

Merry Christmas