Do you want to check out some magical winter adventures in Idaho? There is so much to explore and see in the gem state since much of it becomes a winter wonderland. There is one particular place where it really seems like magic... The family-owned land and operation are excited to share their upcoming 5th year of creating lasting winter memories. You've got to see the photos below... wow...

Over in Eastern Idaho right off of LaBelle Lake is a glorious Ice Palace. If you have a little girl who loves the Disney movie frozen by all means you need to go. They will never forget going somewhere like Elsa's castle. Located in between Rexburg and Rigby Just off Hwy 20, take Exit 325.

"Celebrating our 5th year of creating beautiful ice formations and valuable memories! Due to the weather, tickets are on sale for December 27th and on. Tickets for earlier dates will be released at a later date as we are able to monitor the weather and anticipate our opening date. "

They may open sooner but need to make sure it will stay cold enough. We will keep you updated, and you can check back on their website here. 

Scroll to check out fantastic Ice Palace photos and the events and shows that happen at Idaho's Ice Palace...

Visit Idaho's Ice Palace For Some Winter Magic

If you are wanting some winter magic look no further than the famous Idaho Ice Palace! Located between Rexburg and Rigby Just off Hwy 20 (Exit 325). It is not just the glorious Palace either, other attractions include ice tunnels, an ice slide, a fire show as well as a fire dancer, live reindeer, Elsa and Olaf, food vendors, horse drawn sleigh rides, and tubing and sledding.

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Idaho Sled Dog Challenge

With a 100 mile and 300 mile race option, contestants are in for a challenge with hard terrain and serious snowy climbs. The Idaho Sled Dog Challenge is in its fourth year and will run from January 30th to February 3rd and starts in Cascade Idaho as part of the 2022 McCall Winter Carnival.

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