Crush the Curve Idaho wants to vaccinate the 208 with Idaho's largest one day vaccination clinic Thursday, April 8th (dose 1) and April 29th (dose 2). Here's how to sign up!

The idea of this event is to vaccinate as many people as possible in one shot (well, technically two). It'll happen in the economy parking lot at the Boise Airport but worry not, it's not going to be a free for all of people standing back to back in endless lines (it is a contagious virus they're trying to prevent from spreading after all. You'll need to make an appointment time to show up to for the first dose on the 8th. You'll automatically be registered for an appointment at the same time on Thursday, April 29th to receive the second dose of the vaccine.

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This particular event is for Idahoans 16 years of age and older and will distribute the Pfizer vaccine, which has released fantastic study results in recent days in terms of efficacy rates and duration of effectiveness. The vaccine will be free to obtain from Crush the Curve Idaho. You'll pull up, get the vaccine and go about your day. If you have any concerns about the effectiveness of the vaccine, it's safety or what potential side effects tend to be experienced, Crush the Curve answers all of those questions if you scroll to the bottom of the main page here. The goal is to get as many Idahoans vaccinated as possible, as quickly as possible so we can move on and enjoy our lives!

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