Just got married, now we're talking kids. In doing some research, I found out that 2021's most popular name is number one for dogs AND babies!

Happily (newly) married and talking kids, hopefully in the next year or two, but we can't seem to agree on any names so we took to the internet, of course. What we found was a bit surprising!

Usually there is a disconnect between popular dog names and popular baby names but it seems this year, things have merged. This should come as no surprise as over the last decade or so, it seems that more and more people think of their dogs as kids. Rover doesn't just live in the back yard anymore, he lives inside the house and sleeps on the bed. And also, no one calls their dog Rover anymore. I always wanted to name my dog T-Rex so when I got a wiener dog puppy, I took advantage of that and named him T-Rex. I probably won't also do that to a human baby, though it may be less odd than some of the names celebrities have given their children.

People tend to go with more human names now it seems and in 2021, there are lots of dogs being named Luna, and why not? It's a pretty name and it has to do with the moon. Well as it turns out, this also happens to be the most popular baby name right now as well so rest assured, in 5-6 years or so there will be a lot of Luna's being picked up from schools in the Treasure Valley, and lots of dogs with the same name their to greet them.

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