It happens to the best of us - you get a new dog and you think you're giving it a name that will draw that perfect reaction. You know what we're talking about - you bring your dog somewhere, say like Payette Brewing's outdoor area. You mingle with other people and when asked what your dog's name is, you gleefully announce: "Bear!"

Unfortunately, the name you gave your dog isn't as unique as you think

There are some people who are sensitive to others naming their kids the same as their own children. And then, there are people who get really serious with the names of their fur babies. While a lot of people like to think there is "only one Cooper" or "only one Max", the fact is... there isn't.

We found data from and they list the most popular dog names in every state. In Idaho, the most popular name is somewhat disappointing. Other names that appear are "Max" (are we surprised?) and "Daisy"... but neither is number one.

Let's find out what dog name is the most popular in all of Idaho according to

Are The Top 10 Dog Names in Idaho Too "Basic"?

Let's look at the top ten names people are naming their dogs according to are they too basic?

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Now that we know the most popular dog name in all of Idaho, what is the most popular dog breed in the Gem State? Do you own a dog of this breed?

The Most Popular Dog Breed in Idaho May Surprise You

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Maybe you want to take "Charlie", your Cane Corso somewhere to hang out. Let's check out some of the best dog-friendly patios where you can enjoy an ice-cold beer in this beautiful summer weather.

Enjoy Beer & Food With Your Dog at These Boise Patios

Many Boise-area businesses know that when it comes to warm weather dining--many residents want to bring their furry friends along for the experience, too. Here's a guide, as compiled by you, of the best places to take your dog for a bite or a beer...or both!

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