Valentine's Day is around the corner and I'm reminded of how the single people in my life tend to call it Single Awareness Day. I mean, the day is generally dedicated to romantic love. There's no shortage of mushy ads permeating every facet of entertainment reminding you to get that perfect gift for your partner. If you're looking for love and don't have it, you may consider Valentine's Day to be SAD (Single Awareness Day. Get it?) But I'm an optimist and a hopeless romantic, so I have every confidence that everyone can find love.

However, Census data confirms that if you're working these jobs, the likelihood that you'll be single at 40 are fairly high:

1.  Bartenders, 70% are single at age 40.

2.  Hotel desk clerks, 66%.

3.  Food processing workers, 66%.

4.  Brick masons, 66%.

5.  Restaurant hosts, 66%.

6.  Agricultural food graders and sorters, 65%.

7.  Actors, 64%.

8.  Flight attendants, 62%.

9.  Vehicle cleaners, 62%.

10.  Butchers, 61%.

It appears working late nights or odd hours makes it more difficult to settle down. Spending time with your partner is a big component of a relationship and that can be hard to do when you're working at times most people aren't.  And jobs like bartender, flight attendant, and actor also have an added temptation factor. Perhaps that's stereotypical, but the access to new people in exciting settings can make others mistrust you, even if that's not fair.

Do with this information what you will. I don't think this necessarily predicts your future if you're single and working in any of these fields, but it's perhaps something of which to be cognizant if you're looking to settle down? I will say my husband worked late nights since before I even met him, and we've managed to make it work. I'm telling you, I believe there's someone for everyone. Maybe all the bartenders need to date butchers and it'll all work out. But if you love being single, that's cool too!


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