The other day I left my driver's license and my credit card on the driver's seat in my car WITH the door unlocked. I was basically asking someone to ruin my life. Luckily nobody did. Some gym-goers around Boise haven't had the same luck as me though.

The Boise Police department has reported an increase in vehicle break-ins specifically at gym parking lots around Boise. So before you head in to get your sweat on, be sure to double check that your doors are locked and valuables are out of sight or better yet -not in your car at all. Trailhead drivers are urged specifically to lock their vehicles up as Trailheads can be an easy target for thieves especially with warmer weather approaching.

Boise Police say that they have been investigating several incidents recently where the car window is smashed in and items inside the car are being stolen. One recent victim had a duffle bag stolen containing several items including a wallet and a gun. Reportedly, the victim's card found in the wallet was quickly used to buy hundreds of dollars in items.

To reduce your chance of becoming a victim of vehicle theft, the Boise Police Department has presented some crime prevention tips:

  • Always lock your car, close the windows, and remove valuables.
  •  When going to the gym, take items of value (wallet, purse etc.) inside with you and lock them in a locker.
  • Be cautious of leaving items in the back of your truck if they can’t be secured.
  • Report any suspicious activity immediately to police at 208-377-6790 (suspicious) or 911 (urgent)

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