The Susan G. Komen organization is going through quite the transition and unfortunately, the Komen Idaho Montana affiliate will be closing permanently on March 28th, 2021.

Susan G. Komen has changed up their business model quite a bit. Before, they had many regional affiliates like Komen Idaho Montana but now they've transitioned to a more centralized, national model. Some regional and local affiliates will be spared but unfortunately, Idaho Montana was not one of them.

What does this mean for the local Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure? Well, according to their own FAQ page, "That is for Komen HQ to decide but is unlikely anytime soon" so it looks like we're out on that for the time being.

The other questions was about the money raised from the Race For The Cure and their other 2020 events in Idaho and the answer to that is, "Komen Idaho Montana’s priority has always been our local breast cancer community, and it is our priority in this transition. From money raised during the Race for the Cure events, third-party events, and other giving, we will provide community gifts to our long-time and trusted partners. These organizations prioritize the most vulnerable breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer community members and provide treatment assistance, screenings, and diagnostic services."

This is unfortunate, sure. The Susan G. Komen foundation assures the community that despite all these changes, their mission remains steadfast as they continue investing in research to cure and prevent breast cancer. For more, check out their website.

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