Tom Brady's the Tom Brady of football, Howard Stern is the Tom Brady of radio, Freud is the Tom Brady of Psychology, the Beatles of music... What do you do and who is your industry's Tom Brady?

You always hear the word "GOAT" in reference to Tom Brady as an NFL quarterback and arguably, it's true. He's won more Super Bowls as an individual than any franchise (The New England Patriots have won six, the Pittsburgh Steelers have won six, Tom has won seven). I mean, it's hard to deny the guy is a fantastic football player.

In the radio industry, Howard Stern certainly rewrote the playbook and took radio from a boring, newsy type of medium to a highly entertaining, edgy medium, and in his case, likely changed our entire culture.

Freud was very controversial with all of his sexual-related theories but is the biggest name that comes to mind when you think about psychology.

Every industry has their greats, and in fact, you might just be the next great in yours. I strive to be that in the radio industry... I love my gig at Mix 106 and I hope to smash ratings records and be the GOAT here, but only time will tell I suppose.

Who are the greatest musicians of all time? That's hard because music is so subjective... Is it the Beatles? Adele? Beethoven?

The lesson we can take from these greats is to just keep trying... I think that's something they all have in common. Yeah, we all make mistakes but we learn from it, dust our shoulders off and keep going. Whether you make it to Tom Brady status in your industry or not, be the Tom Brady of your life and own it, be as great as you can be.

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