The global pandemic crushed fans by cancelling Gem State Comic Con last year. As a result, the event was pushed to April 10th, 2021. As of right now the event still has the green light and I couldn't be more excited to attend! I've always wanted to attend a convention like this, so I was stoked to find out this was still happening.

The big guest this year is Sam Jones AKA Flash Gordon. The 1980 film of the same name is a huge cult classic. And how could it not be? A football quarterback turned super hero as he travels to planet Mongo to fight Ming the Merciless, a villain hellbent on destroying Earth. That's legendary ridiculous fun. Not to mention his sexy red tank and blond hair. Thor vibes before modern Thor. Seth MacFarlane even cast Sam Jones in Ted to play a version of himself since Flash Gordon inspired Seth to become a film maker. Bonus for me: Max von Sydow (RIP) played Ming the Merciless. He also played the One Eyed Raven in Game of Thrones, and as a GoT stan the idea of being in the presence of anyone who knew him thrills me greatly.

If you had tickets to Gem State Comic Con for 2020, those tickets will be honored this year. You can still purchase tickets if you haven't already.
-General Admission (13 & up): $10 online / $15 at the door
-​General Admission - Kids (12 & under): FREE with a paying adult
-​Family Pack (admit four ages 13 & up): $35  *Family Pack is available online only*

Click here for tickets and more information on special pricing for active military and first responders.

So let's keep the Covid numbers down and cross our fingers that this doesn't get torn away from us again. We need this!

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