The COVID-19 vaccine rollout is moving right along here in Idaho. On Monday members of the Idaho COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee (CVAC) voted to approve a new timeline and rollout strategy that will make Idahoans age 16-44 eligible for the receive the vaccine beginning April 26. Gov. Brad Little approved the recommendation on Tuesday.

According to Idaho Health & Welfare Director, Dave Jeppesen, as many as 200,000 Idahoans could become eligible to be vaccinated every two weeks. This is different than the original rollout plan that based eligibility on occupation, Moving forward eligibility will now based on age and pre-existing conditions.

On Monday of this week, Idahoans age 55-64 with underlying health conditions became eligible to receive the vaccine. Next week, the rest of the population of that age group will become eligible. After those two weeks, Idahoans age 45-54 will become eligible and given priority for two weeks. Those with underlying health conditions in this age group will also be given priority first.

According to the timeline of this rollout, those age 16-44 living in Idaho with at least one pre-existing condition will become eligible to receive the vaccine on April 26th. After this group is given two weeks of priority vaccination, all Idahoans age 16-44 will become eligible to receive the vaccine.

This is align with President Joe Biden's recent statement to make all American adults eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine no later than May 1st. This also all means that all eligibility restrictions for vaccinations can be lifted by May 1st. If you're age group is not eligible for the vaccine yet, you can still make a reservation for your vaccine appointment using this helpful online tool!

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