For some, it's become a badge of honor to get your vaccine and post the proof online. Here's how to register to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in Idaho.

It's so 2021, right? Kind of bougie even to get your vaccine, take a photo of your vaccination and then flex on your social media to tell the world about it. That may change Monday once the vaccine isn't so exclusive anymore because that's when it will become available to everyone 16 years of age or older.

Now just because you're eligible to receive the vaccine doesn't necessarily mean you can just walk over to the corner of Happy and Healthy, get a shot and go home. You still have to pre-register for the vaccine through the state of Idaho's Covid-19 Pre-Registration system, which you can do here. It's pretty easy and quick to do and you'll end up on a list, they'll then notify you when they've found a vaccination center for you. Then, the vaccination center will call you to schedule an appointment.

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In addition to providing registration, the state of Idaho has posted a lot of data regarding Covid-19 and the vaccines because they're aware that some people have some apprehension about receiving the vaccine. Here are the state of Idaho's Covid-19 statistics as of today (3/20/2021):

  • 179,763 Cases
  • 335 New Cases Today
  • 1,957 Covid Related Deaths

They also continue to remind and encourage the public to practice social distancing when you're able, to wear masks in public and to stay home when you can.


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