If you remember last year, I told you in a blog about how popular the Harry Potter fake sport of Quidditch had become at BSU. It's about to get even more popular because it looks like Boise will be getting a professional Quidditch team soon.

If you watched the Boise State football game against New Mexico on ESPN last year, you  saw ESPN show the BSU Quidditch team practicing. Yes, Quidditch...you know, from Harry Potter. Well, looks like Boise, in addition to the two BSU teams who already play here, will now be home to a professional Quidditch team also.

According to the National Quidditch league, the new team that will be known as the Boise Grays will be replacing the Phoenix Sol in the west division of the National Quidditch League for the 2018 season.  According to the league, tryouts for the new team will begin in April. The team is open to all ages and genders.

Let’s hear it…. Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar…all for the Boise Grays, stand up and holler!  (OK the cheer may need some work)

BSU has already appeared on national television playing Quidditch. They were highlighted during last years BSU vs New Mexico football game on ESPN.

Believe it or not, the made up game of Quidditch, from the Harry Potter books and movies has been growing rapidly over the past 5 or 6 years, especially here in Boise and at Boise State. The University of Idaho has a team, as does Idaho State. Even high schools have started to compete.

Boise State has had a team for years, and they are actually pretty good at this new movie inspired game. They made the Elite 8 at the College National tournament in the spring of  2017. The other cool thinks is that it's one of the few college sports that is gender inclusive meaning, that men and woman all play on the same team.

By the way, if you've seen Harry Potter and wonder how BSU makes their brooms fly, they don't actually fly. Participants put the broomsticks between their legs and run. Check below and get the 411 on all the rules and NCAA regulations on the game of College Quidditch.



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