As we get closer and closer to the vaccine being available to the general public, more and more groups are getting access. Next in line... Teachers.

Happening now: Idaho teachers and school staff have access to the Coronavirus vaccines in addition to healthcare workers. Beginning in February, the vaccine will be available to older adults 65 and older, according to Governor Little.

In my life, I have to people pretty close to me who have gotten the Coronavirus Vaccine. My wife, who is a healthcare worker has gotten the first dose and will receive her second in a few weeks, has had no side effects thus far. Though it seems most people who have reported side effects, do so after they get the second dose of the vaccine, as was the case with my brother in-law. As a member of the United States Coast Guard, he got his first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine in mid-December and the second earlier this month. He did report a bit of feeling less than a hundred percent for a day or so before going back to normal and has since been fine.

Many have chosen not to get the vaccine for various reasons and to each his own. For me, I plan to get it once it's available to the general public which I understand won't be until April or May of this year. It's a welcomed light at the end of the tunnel as we approach the one year mark of our entire world changing due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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