Some states prefer their coffee black, some prefer it sweet, Idaho prefers it ICED. Even in the winter. Do you agree?

I am in complete and total agreement about this because I am an iced coffee drinker. Not a cold brew, not a hot coffee that has had a chance to cool down, but actual iced coffee. I love it, and I need it to thrive. Every single morning I have a giant iced coffee. Sometimes I get it at home, sometimes I roll through the Starbucks drive thru. If it's after work, sometimes I like to hit up a local spot and get an iced coffee just to try something new but that's my life blood, and apparently that's what most of Idaho turns to as well.

Not sure if it's the hot summers averaging things out but quite honestly, even in the winter time, I will take iced coffee over hot coffee. Some states prefer their coffee black. Nevada, for example. And I feel like you've gotta be tough to do that. Most states prefer their coffee sweet at least and that makes total sense.

Either way, America runs on coffee. Dunkin', Starbucks, The Human Bean or cool local spots. All the coffee memes are living proof that we all need that sweet caffeine to kickstart a productive day. Check out what each state likes, state by state and let me know if you're an Iced coffee person, where in the Treasure Valley your favorite is!

Have a great day!

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