We have learned from multiple sources that all members of the Idaho National Guard must be vaccinated no later than the first week of December. The orders mean that soldiers who choose to take the Phizer or Moderna vaccine will have to take the first shot on October 28th to ensure that they'll take the second shot within the deadline imposed by the military.  

We have heard that each state had the option to extend till June of next year at the latest. However, that option seems to have changed recently, according to external sources. Several members of the Idaho Guard have reached out to us in confidence, expressing their distress over the forced vaccination compliance. Some have told us they would be leaving the military instead of being forced to take the vaccination.  

We've obtained internal documents that back up their statements to us. Military groups have used terms like 'Ragin Bull' as code to make sure every unit member is vaccinated. Internal DOD documents tell us that the guard wants every member fully vaccinated by November 18th. The soldier will have two weeks for the immunity to be present by the first week of December.  

Members of the guard who've contacted us say they are not against the vaccine but do not want to be forced to choose between duty or forced vaccination. They say they've been vaccinated for many years but have concerns about what is in the vaccine. It comes down to continuing to serve their country and state or following what their 'gut' is telling them to do in this situation.  

Military.com has confirmed our reports that the nation's guard units must be fully vaccinated by the first week of December. Idaho Guardsmen tell us they hope to apply for a religious exemption. How probable is it to get such an exemption?  

Religious Exemptions?

From Military.com: "Like other military components, Guardsmen can seek an exemption to the vaccine, such as for religious reasons or medical concerns like adverse reactions to previous shots. But doing so may be an uphill climb if troops had not previously objected to the smorgasbord of other vaccines required to make them eligible for military service."

Sources say that if a soldier refuses to take the shot after 'counseling', they could be the subject of a general military discharge.   Active-duty troops could be dishonorably discharged if they reject the vaccine reports Newschannel 5.

Idaho Reaction

Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin shared her thoughts with us on this issue.

“The US Constitution makes no mention of healthcare, however, it does affirm our inalienable rights among which, are enjoying and defending life and liberty. Those who are refusing this vaccination, for whatever reason, are having their constitutional rights violated. The Federal government has no business making this mandate on the Idaho National Guard. By the lack of action from our legislative leadership and Gov Little, our current leaders are implementing Biden’s policies in Idaho.
This is entirely unacceptable”.

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