Over half a Billion dollars. That's right A BILLION with a B!  Pretty soon, we're going to be talking real money.   This weeks Mega Millions lottery drawing should be around 502 million dollars. Need some help picking your numbers.  Here are the lottery numbers that have been chosen most often.

Before you can start giving money to long lost relatives, you must first pick all 5 numbers plus the powerball.  Not an easy feat, since nobody has been able to do it since November.

But according to Lottonumbers.com these are the numbers that have won most over the entire time the Lottery has been around.  26, 41 and 16 have won more than any other numbers, with #26 winning the most...being drawn 283 times....7 more times than the second most drawn number

The least winning numbers are 61 and 60, having been drawn only once, but keep in mind the Lottery recently increased the numbers in the drawing.  The numbers that came up least before the increase were 57-58 and 56, getting drawn 58-60 and 60 times respectively.


Now that you have the winning numbers for this weeks Power Ball, you'll need the actual power ball number. Myself, based on these statistics, I would go with 20.

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Good luck to all of us!



Here is a look behind the scenes at Lottery Headquarters, where the lottery drawings take place:



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