If your fishing rod has been packed up all winter, and you've been waiting for the return of Idaho spring Chinook season, the time is quickly approaching.  The season opens April 28th. 

Idaho's Fish and Game Commission has given the "go-ahead" for spring Chinook fishing in a number of Gem State rivers, including the Clearwater, Snake, Salmon, and Little Salmon Rivers.  They say they expect a run of 66,000 spring Chinook, which is double the unusually small run last year.

The 10-year average is 62,000, and for this year's 66,000, 53,000 will be hatchery Chinook with 13,000 wild.  In comparison, last year there 30,000 hatchery and 4000 wild Chinook.

If you have an interest in participating in the season, open fishing will be permitted Thursdays through Sunday in the Clearwater, and open all week in the Salmon, Little Salmon, and Snake.

Limits will be four per day (with only one adult 24-inches or longer) in the Clearwater, and four per day (with only two being adults) in the Salmon, Little Salmon, and Snake rivers.

You can find more at the Idaho.gov site, or SpokesmanReview.com.

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