Do you remember the stories of how your grandparents met? It seems like older generations seem to have the best love stories making you wonder, "where is that kind of beautiful story in 2021?"

It happens, but not usually without a social aspect of meeting that one person. Do you know anyone that met their significant other in the grocery store? No! We Instacart that in 2021 people. Well, there is this place that you might want to visit when you find Mr. Perfect, The Love Lock Fence.

I stumbled across a photo of this fence lined with padlocks overlooking a ridge. Come to find out those locks are called, "Love Locks" and that ridge is on the Canyon Rim Trail overlooking the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls. This is called, "Twin Falls Love Locks Fence."

What is an Idaho Love Lock?

There is no mystery to the name. It's a lock engraved by the love of your life or best friendship that is unbreakable. This is simply, your Love Lock. You might hear of similar types of love fences in Paris, New York on the Brooklyn Bridge, Rome, and more. Now, we have our own in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Lock up your Love and Throw Away the Key

It's the most simple idea of showing your neverending love that should be a song. You carve or write your initials or love note on a lock, close it and throw away the key. This is your unity of love that can never be broken or given to anyone else. That's true love.

Some families grow their love locks when newborns are added to the family tree. You go back and place another little lock with the initials of the sweet little love just added to the family. It doesn't get sweeter than that.

This small fence is located in Twin Falls with a beautiful view of the Snake River Canyon. You might run by this little fence on Canyon Rim Trail. This might just be worth a drive to Twin Falls for some shopping, lunch at Elevation 486, and then a walk to lock your love away.

You can visit Instagram to see more and just know it's pretty recent. This fence has been vandalized and rebuilt. It would be worth a quick day trip to solidify your love in the form of a lock for the entire world to see.

Lock up your love and throw the key away ❤️

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