This is a hard working state, and at the end of the day, Idahoans love to reward ourselves in this oddly specific, oddly Idaho way.

I never pictured Idaho to be the "bath bomb state", yet here we are. released a list of the most commonly purchased state-shaped product each state buys the most. For Idaho, it's an Idaho shaped bath bomb! Now, I didn't really picture Idaho as much of a bath bomb state, but let's be real; we work hard, we play hard, we might as well make our baths bomb, am I right? And let's be honest, bath bombs are fun... They're cool looking, they usually have a good smell, if you'll indulge in a bath, you'll indulge in an Idaho-shaped bath bomb.

Now, it's summertime in Idaho and I don't imagine people are running to take a hot bath at the end of the day but I bet you once fall and winter come back around, these Idaho shaped bath bombs will be flying off the shelves once more. Clearly, they're popular if they've determined they're the most commonly purchased Idaho-shaped product. I'm not entirely sure how you determine this, but there's got to be some insane research that was done to figure this out. One thing of note; Idaho is not nearly as cocky as Texas is as Texas has the most state-shaped products out of all the states. California's is a stress.... California. I was going to say ball but it's not a ball, cause California is not a ball.

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