Congratulations Boise, you came out in droves to show your patriotic pride and be a part of the presidential election process. Not only was the Democratic Caucus the largest in Boise history, it was the largest in United States History.

  Need proof?  Just check out the video of "Yuge" (as Bernie Sanders would put it), lines in downtown Boise.

Because of the unexpected crowds, doors stayed open past the 7pm scheduled closing time.  Some caucusers spent over 3 hours waiting in line to get into their caucusing areas.

Long lines were also reported in Canyon County.  So in our amazing Treasure Valley, where we seem to make so many top ten lists for being amazing ad another. We love to show our American pride by getting involved in the Democratic process.  Pat yourselves on the Back Idaho.


By the way if you're interested in the results, Bernie Sanders won big, with 78% of the Caucus turning out for him.



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