Most of us would probably agree that smoking is a habit worth avoiding.  The American Lung Association says Idaho isn't doing enough to deter people. 

Since this is American Hearth Month, awareness of heart health is something I'm taking more seriously and this story jumped out at me.

Idaho's adult smoking rate is 16% and the high school smoking rate is just above 12%.  the report notes that Idaho deals with an economic cost of $508 million due to smoking.

So what creates this situation here?  They cite Idaho's lower cigarette taxes at 57 centers per pack (compared to Oregon at $1.32, Montana at $1.70, and Washington at $3.03 per pack) as the primary indication, but that isn't the only area highlighted.

Other ways the ALA says Idaho could reduce rates of smoking and tobacco use are:

1.  Increase funding for prevention and control programs.

2.  Pass a comprehensive statewide smoke-free air law.

3.  Raise the state tobacco tax.

You can read more from Boise Weekly's coverage of this story HERE.

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