This Saturday, May 14th, is the national Stamp Out Hunger food drive.  And all we have to do to help people in the Treasure Valley, is leave some non-perishable food items out by the mail box and letter carriers will pick it up.  Here are some of the top things they need at the food bank.

We're encouraged to think outside of the usual soups, green beans, baked beans, and applesauce (although they can always use those), and get boxed items like cereals, mac n' cheese, Hamburger Helper, and juices too.  The food bank can also use snacks like beef jerkey, crackers, fruity snacks, and chips.  Anything that's non-perishable and is probably sitting on your pantry shelf now, will work.

Just leave a bag or a box by the mailbox this Saturday, and your letter carrier will pick it up and take it back to the post office for the Idaho Food Bank to pick up.

Food banks get big donations during the holidays, but get a little sparse this time of year and they could use a boost, and every May the US Postal Service uses it as an opportunity to help.

This is an easy way to do some good, by just walking donations out the front door to the mailbox.  And it's nice to know the donations stay right here in the Treasure Valley, and could help hundreds of neighbors.

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