As you may have noticed, Idaho lawmakers have been very busy lately. A variety of bills are being introduced and the latest bill could change the way prisoners in Idaho are executed.

Shortages strike again

It's not something that I feel most of us would think about but according to the Associated Press, Idaho hasn't been able to get ahold of the drugs necessary for lethal injection for some time. Because of that, executions for inmates can be put on hold, and in some cases, as the Associated Press reports, inmates like Gerald Pizzuto Jr. have spent decades on death row.

Idaho lawmakers have proposed bringing back execution by firing squad as an alternative to lethal ejection.

As for what it would cost taxpayers, Idaho legislation says taxpayers don't have much to worry about. According to the statement of purpose for House Bill 186:

This legislation will not have an ongoing effect on the General Fund because the cost of conducting an execution by firing squad should not differ significantly from the cost of conducting an execution by lethal injection.

The statement purpose also breaks down the law also explains that execution by firing squad will only take place in the event lethal injection chemicals aren't available:

This legislation amends the Methods of Execution statute to add the firing squad as an alternative method of execution when lethal injection is unavailable. The purpose of this legislation is to ensure that the State of Idaho can carry out timely, lawfully ordered executions now and in the future.

While critics could argue that it's cruel and unusual punishment, advocates for the law could argue that an inmate being on death row is unusual in itself.

Which side of the fence are you on? I would love to hear about it here.

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