It's no secret that families belonging to the LGBT+ community face multiple challenges in today's world. Hostility, social stigma, and legal discrimination when it comes to marriage and adoption are among the most common issues facing the community.

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However, things are changing, and many states across the nation have finally begun to recognize the rights of LGBT+ individuals and their families. One such state where the LGBT+ community is flourishing is Idaho.

Family-Friendly Environment

Idaho has long been known for its family-friendly environment and community values. As a result, many LGBT+ families are choosing this state because of its inclusive laws and regulations.

Many of the towns in Idaho are small, making it easier to know your neighbors and feel part of the community. Small scale and traditional values combine to create a welcoming environment for LGBT+ families as they raise their children here.

Growing Employment Opportunities

Recently, Idaho has seen tremendous growth in its business and job sectors. In post-pandemic times, people are seeing smaller, quieter areas like Idaho in a whole new light.

With more jobs, businesses, and startups popping up, LGBT+ families can count on a more stable economic environment when moving to Idaho. The job market is inclusive of all communities, including the LGBT+ community, which makes Idaho an attractive place to settle for job seekers and employers alike.

Legal Protection

Idaho became the last state in America to introduce anti-discrimination laws in 2020. Although many consider it overdue, it still marks a momentous occasion and has given LGBT+ families all the protections other families receive.

Idaho lawmakers have been working towards making all kinds of families feel included in the state, making it a safer and more secure place to live for LGBT+ families. Once same-sex marriage was legalized in 2014, LGBT+ families began to feel more included in the state, which has helped increase their representation in Idaho.

Eleven cities in the state have passed their own bans on discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, making it easier for LGBT individuals to live and work there without fear of persecution.

With increasing awareness and support across the state, now's the time to for LGBT families to give Idaho a closer look.

Scroll on for a look at five Idaho cities perfect for LGBT+ families.

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