Today's much-anticipated debut of In-N-Out Burger at the Village at Meridian is stirring up excitement all over the Treasure Valley. The grand opening isn't just a chance to savor a legendary Double-Double or signature "Animal-Style" fries—it's an event that captures community spirit. As In-N-Out begins to set down roots in the Gem State, the lines might dampen the thrills. The Colorado Springs Gazette reported 4-hour lines for its 2020 grand opening. It makes you wonder who has this kind of time on a Tuesday. Are you so excited about the In-N-Out opening that you would be willing to take a day off or a half day off? Will you pull your kids out of school just in case you won't be out of line to pick them up? One Facebook user from the group "No Stupid Rules.... TREASURE VALLEY Buy/Sell/Trade" has a solution for you.
Over the last ten years, Boise has become synonymous with a culture that values time as a precious resource. The thought of spending hours in a line seems daunting. That's why this Facebook user has decided to make the fact that he is going to this grand opening anyway into a money-making opportunity. He has come up with an innovative solution to a delicious problem. For you, the idea of tasting that Double Double on its first available day in the Treasure Valley and not having to take time off is worth the cost of paying someone to do the boring, most unenjoyable part of the In-N-Out experience for you.


Ben Woodhouse put an ad in the Facebook Group that he would hold your spot in line for just $25 per hour. Ben Woodhouse claims to be a professional with plenty of experience waiting in lines. He cites spending countless hours waiting for his mom to talk to her friends at the grocery store as a child and now as an adult because of his wife. This clever ad may or may not be something that Woodhouse is willing to do. Still, it showcased that he is a pretty entertaining person looking for a job. See the embedded post below if you'd like to hire him to stand in line for you or if you have another job opportunity for him. His post has received over 100 comments and over 200 likes in less than five hours.

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