Honk! Honk! Who's there?! 

It's an Ada County Sheriff writing a Karen up for blaring her horn like a psycho during rush hour on 84. And Karen isn't the only one.

Did you know honking your car horn can land you a traffic ticket in Idaho? We didn't until day. Now that we know, it seems pretty reasonable. 

Slow your roll, troll. 

State lawmakers are selective about when and how residents can sound off on car horns. It's Laid out plain as day in Idaho statute 49-956, Vehicle Equipment. 

The driver of a motor vehicle [can], when reasonably necessary to ensure safe operation, give audible warning with his horn, but [cannot] otherwise use the horn when upon a highway.

Idaho's Honk-Happy Drivers 

Dear honk-happy drivers, laying on the horn non-stop is more than a minor annoyance. It's dangerous and it can lead to the following terrible outcomes behind the wheel:

  • It can spur serious risks
  • It can startle other drivers, causing them to react unpredictably and dangerously
  • It also triggers the sort of tension between drivers that causes road 
  • It's irritating for everyone involved, including pedestrians and residents living nearby. Think about it: nobody wants to be jolted awake by a symphony of honks at 2 a.m.
  • And, it can drown out essential sounds like emergency sirens, making it more difficult for first responders to cut through traffic on their way to a crisis

So, while occasional honking serves a purpose, Idaho law frowns upon the honk-happy. Why wouldn't they? It's dangerous and annoying, and nine times out of 10, it's totally unnecessary.

Scroll on for a handy driving loophole you don't want to miss out on in Idaho. 

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