They just did a survey and some data research was put together by WalletHub and determining states that are the most and least sinful.

Idaho ranked as one of the least sinful, and there are many reasons and one is the religious influence. Wallethub states that some of the key metrics: Our data set ranges from violent crimes per capita to excessive drinking to share of the population with gambling disorders.

NO surprise that Nevada, home of Sin City, ranked number one as most sinful. Hey, we aren't far away at all and border Nevada, but we are far from the sinful side according to this. We ranked really low in our Lust ranking which makes us less sinful, meaning we love not lust. Lust can be a very dangerous thing. Sadly we did rank high on the anger and hatred scale as having a lot of it in the state according to this data.

Even with Mardi Gras and gambling, Louisiana didn't make the top 5 most sinful states.

Source: WalletHub

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