Just being around these two dogs have made my day better, dogs always do right? Check out these cute pups I am getting to pup sit.

My friend had a last minute trip and something fell through with doggy daycare and so of course I was going to offer but they ended up asking if I would sit them for a couple of days. I instantly said yes, they make life better and it would be nice to spend some time around them.

This is Ranger and Lexy my friends two Golden Retriever dogs. Ranger is a little younger then Lexy and just a big love and lug, Lexy is very into her ball, playing and also a love.

It's nice to get up and just be loved on and they are so excited to see you and just be near you. Dogs really are wonderful creatures. My grandmother loved dogs and she passed that on to me.

Golden's are just good breeds all around too.



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