This is one of those things that has been around a long time as family and friend fun, cosmic bowling on weekends at local bowling alleys.

This was at Westy's in the Garden City area. When my friend had mentioned that he wanted to do this I was instantly wanting to go, we did it as kids and I hadn't been disco or cosmic bowling in awhile.

They had the lights going, and some retro music but good music and a lot from the 90's (which is crazy that, that is retro) but it worked because a lot of the crowd was in mid-to- late teens but then you did have the adult group, league folks too who wanted to practice and think the cosmic bowling is fun. I saw a couple of ubers in the area in the parking area near the fairgrounds, which makes it easy to get a ride home if needed.

Rob, Will, Angie, Carrie, Katie... thanks for a fun night full of laughs.

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