It's about time to get out, have a drink or two, and a ton of laughs! The Idaho Comedy Fest is coming May 20th-23rd, and with it, a chance to help some incredible people!

Coming to The Lounge at the End of The Universe Thursday, May 20th-Sunday, May 23rd, it's the Idaho Comedy Fest and it's got an INCREDIBLE LINEUP, which you can check out here. In addition to the awesome comedy entertainment, you'll also be able to do some good and help some people! A spokesperson for the event, Monica Rae, reached out to me and told me the story of Alex Vermaas, a promising local female comedian who lost her battle with cancer last year. The lounge will be debuting a new line of t-shirts in honor of Alex, with proceeds benefitting scholarships for up and coming female comedians on an annual basis.

The bottom line is, this is going to be a blast. Finally, a night on the town, a cocktail in hand and some incredible comedy to go with it. And you get to help a great cause in the process? Sounds like a win to me, and at this point, we all deserve a laugh or two, don't we? The Lounge At The End Of The Universe is located at 2417 Bank Drive in Boise, on the corner of Overland and South Vista. For the Idaho Comedy Festival, you can purchase individual day passes or a three-day pass. All of the ticket info and prices are waiting for you HERE.

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