Is the election hullabaloo over yet? I'm tired and exhausted and in need of some laughs. I can't be the only one. So I've taken a break from political purgatory and jumped down a rabbit hole of stand-up from Ashton, Idaho's Ryan Hamilton. Here are my favorite ones:

Who knew someone explaining the appearance of their face could be so funny and have so many levels to it. Watch him smile as he complains that he's smiling.

Quarantine has a lot of us living a more sedentary lifestyle. The stress of 2020 has us all aging at an alarming rate. Hamilton weaves a hilarious story connecting these two concepts in a relatable AF well before the pandemic hit.

Everything you've ever thought about hot air balloons, and some things you haven't, articulated funnier than you could ever come up with. Plus a life hack that may actually ruin your friendships.

This one's for the home crowd. Jokes about Idaho from an Idahoan, and recounting childhood stories that make you think "that me?"

Oh. My. Gosh. The gym and all the drama that comes with a membership. This is maybe my favorite! 

Ryan Hamilton also has a Netflix special you can stream called Happy Face. Covid has ruined touring for this year, but if you sign up on his website you'll be sent a notification whenever touring resumes. I signed up 'cause I assume he'll swing through his home state at least once. Click here to sign up.


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