My Place In The Weird World Of YouTube
Before I started my career in radio I was building my career as a YouTuber. The notion that anyone with a camera can make it in that medium is a misconception I learned early on, but what I have learned has proven invaluable.
IDAHO's New Theme Song?
I've always wanted to have a "theme song." Think about it...whenever you hear that song you know boom that is his song. YES, how rad is that. Most states in the US have a state song. Could this be our great Gem State "Theme Song"? I totally think it coul…
Discover This New Artist Today at the Boise Music Festival
Today is a great day to chill out with a great beverage and your friends, a little sunscreen, and soak up some music that maybe you haven't heard yet.  Ryan Robinette is from Florida, he's 20 years old, and he's cute and talented.  Here's the info on his performance thi…

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