Kris Millgate from Idaho Falls wrote a book titled " My  Place Among Men, Misadventures in the Wild".

She stopped by the Mmix 106 studio and was talking about her book and adventures. She is a journalist and media person who covers stories, tasks pictures, creates videos and many other publications as well as talents.

She has stories ranging from childhood, to adult and even motherhood. Nose to nose with a Grizzly Bear, and tagging along on grueling trips. She recounts many things in this book but more importantly to me is she gives women a perspective and chance to put themselves in a place that many people can not.

Not only are many of the stories from Idaho but are in the outdoors so many of us across the country can relate. These stories are impactful,inspirational and just enjoyable to read. Check out " My Place Among Men", you can find it on Amazon and at Rediscovered Books in Boise.

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