Idahoans everywhere are struggling to pay their medical bills, especially since COVID-19 entered the picture. So, how are people affording to pay these bills? Isn’t it hard enough to go through being hospitalized and recovery to then get slammed with medical bills?


Well, we’ve found out ways to outsmart the system and apply for much-deserved and needed help in Idaho. And it might even save your life, or someone you know.

But first, let’s take a look at what our health care workers protesting a mass layoff this past fall due to vaccine mandates.


Boise Hospital Workers Prostesters

Thousands gather at Saint Alphonsus in Boise


Also, if you’re experiencing any unusual symptoms, here are some places nearby that still offer free COVID-19 testing

Places That Offer Free COVID-19 Testing

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How can my medical bills be forgiven?

Well, believe it or not, most hospitals in America are non-profit. So what does that mean? Well, it means they legally must have a Charity Care Policy.


Let’s get into it


How to get your medical hospital bills legally forgiven

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Keep in mind that this is different for every hospital and every state! But this could really help someone in need or save a life. You can check out St. Lukes Financial Assistance Application here for example.  

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Check out this non-profit, Dollar For, that helps people get their medical debt forgiven,

Here’s another way to keep you safe this season: Throwing away recalled cold medicines. Here is a list of recently recalled medicines you should throw out IMMEDIATELY.

Recalled Flu and cold medicine in 2022 by FDA

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