We are lucky to have various healthcare options and great hospitals here in the Treasure Valley, they’re keeping up with the curve and technology with something really amazing.

Saint Alphonsus is the first hospital in the state to use a pretty incredible identification scan.

It’s called PatientSecure and it uses biometric technology to scan the palm of your hand. It’s confidential and a way to protect your identity and personal information with a digital encryption. It actually reads your vein pattern, not your fingerprints. Which are even more unique to each person and can't be recreated or faked.

Within a matter of seconds, your medical record and other personal information will show up. It speeds up the registration process which could be lengthy between your photo ID, medical insurance card, verifying personal information...this cuts down on all of that.

There are other benefits to using this technology. If a person is in a bad car accident or any accident that leaves them unconscious, and they are without an ID, a simple and quick scan would tell the medical professionals everything they need to know. From who to contact in case of an emergency, vital information like your medical history and even your blood type! You don't need an appointment to enroll. To me, it seems like a nice precaution and one you just hope you never need to use.


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