For most of us, we look for ways to cut down on spending and stretch our budgets further.  That's no different with the Idaho Transportation Department how has figured out how to save $320,000 in the last year. 

As we drive the highways in our state, we pass under numerous overhead signs and structures.  In fact, there are nearly 2,000 across the state of Idaho.  Ensure they are safe and that drivers underneath them is an ongoing campaign, so about 25% of those signs are inspected every year.  With that being an ongoing process and so many signs to check on, ITD determined this would be a great place to save if possible.

Their Bridget Asset Management team is in charge of this process, and did find a way to cut costs.  In their prior contract, the cost per structure inspection was about $1,200.  With a new contract that began in April, they brought that number down to $400 each.  A huge savings when you multiply that $800 savings across 500 inspections per year, leading to a savings of $320,000 anually.

The program also made the inspection more efficient for those conducting them, and better for those of us on the roads as well (employing techniques that require fewer lane closures etc.).

For more on the process and how ITD came up with their new system, check out coverage from the Rexburg Standard Journal.

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