While growth in the Treasure Valley is an incredibly unpopular subject, it does provide at least one positive thing for drivers in our community. 

When you grab a "Welcome to Idaho" pamphlet from the Idaho Transportation Department, it explains that you need to apply for an Idaho driver's license within 90 days of moving to Idaho. Yup, even if your out-of-state license doesn't expire for years.

Does everyone actually apply for their license within 90 days? We're going to venture not. Heck, this author waited nearly four months and only did so because she lost her Ohio license somewhere inside Humpin' Hannah's.

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When you eventually do go on to apply for your license, you need to past two tests. One of them is fairly simple, given you're not avoiding an eye doctor's appointment. One is a simple vision screening. The other one? Well, it's a little bit harder. It's a forty question written exam that only allows for six misses.

Unless you're feeling over confident, you'll brush up on the Driver's Manual before you take your test. We're going to encourage you to, because nearly everyone we know that's taken this test as an adult has missed the open range question because the state they were living in either didn't have one or the rules were different there.

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The fact that growth has caused so many adults to have to brush up on their driving skills, we feel like is a positive thing in our community! But could our listeners who are lifelong Idahoans pass the test if they had to re-take it for the first time in decades?

This is your shot to find out! We randomly selected 40 questions from the official ITD practice test and a few other practice tests based off of the Idaho's drivers manual. See how many YOU can get correct without looking up the answers! Remember, you can only miss SIX! 

Are You Smart Enough to Pass the Idaho Driver's Test If You Had to Take It Today?

New Idahoans have 90 days to apply for their Idaho driver's license after moving here. To pass? You have to get 34/40 questions correctly! Are you up for the challenge?

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