The average household income in Idaho can afford about a $200,000 mortgage loan. What can you buy for that these days? 

Full transparency, when I bought a home here in the Treasure Valley, my mortgage loan was a $203,000 after my down payment on a 30-year-fixed loan. With property taxes rising, that now translates to $1300/mo. I think I've been open enough, that I don't need to disclose my income, but I would say that's a pretty average monthly mortgage. Housing in the Treasure Valley has skyrocketed in the last 5 years since I moved here and I have often thought that had I moved here under my circumstances now I certainly couldn't afford what I have.

My heart goes out to anyone who isn't locked into a mortgage because housing is so expensive these days.

I was intrigued by this report on that shows what you can get for $200,000 in Idaho. My initial thought was, if it's in the Treasure Valley, not much. This is what the report says you can get.

  • 1712 sq. feet
  • Median home value: $289,989
  • Median household income: $55,583

Again, pay attention to that median household income number. I promise you, you don't qualify for $289,989 on $55,583 and I also highly doubt you can find a 1712 sq. foot home for $200,000.

What are your thoughts on these results? Is it only me that feels like what people make vs. what the cost of housing is just doesn't add up?!