I always tell my kids we are "middle-class," but truthfully I haven't really known where that line is. Last week we discussed how much they say it takes to be "happy" in the Gem State and now we know the definition of "middle-class."

If you missed last week's report from gobankrates.com, they said it would take $97,335/ year for people to be happy here.

Now msn.com reveals a study of what it means to be considered middle-class in Idaho and the span is pretty wide.

The study says those who make between $23,654 - $116,549 are considered middle-class, but that gap is huge!

MSN also says the average median family income is $65, 987 and the cost of living in Idaho is 7% less than the rest of the United States.

A dollar goes pretty far here in Idaho. According to wallst.com, it's worth $1.08, while the average home is worth $207,100.

So there you have it. If you've questioned where the middle-class line is, now we know. I haven't been lying to my kids all along, we are definitely middle-class!

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