The angle, the lighting, the all has to be right before we consider a selfie good enough to post.  How many shots does it take on average before we settle on the one that makes social media?

It's different for women and men.  And if you guessed that women take more shots before becoming satisfied enough to let go and post, you are correct.  Women will post their sixth selfie on average, and guys will post their fourth.  Either guys have a much higher self esteem and are less picky about their appearance than women, or they just give up more quickly.

How many selfies do you take before you get a good one?  I'm probably average at around 6.  I have taken ten or twelve before and deleted them all after deciding it was a bad hair and makeup day.  And no one probably would have noticed except for me.  In the shot I posted on this blog I see the imperfections -- wrinkles and the big forehead affectionately known as a fivehead.  But that stuff isn't going away so I'll accept it and smile and get over it!

Are we too picky?  A new study in the UK says looking at pictures of other people on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter made 41% of women feel bad about themselves.  You look good ladies!  We are our own worst critics.  I'll be interested to know your thoughts on Facebook today.